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Did you know?

The first curative effect of music was scientifically explained by Pythagoras. He argued that any melody obeys the highest, from his point of view, law - mathematics and synchronizes the work of organs.

Hippocrates and Pythagoras specially "prescribed" courses of treatment with music to their patients, achieving high healing effects!
The fact that sound affects the structure of the human body and the chemical processes occurring in it was proved by Sir Peter Guy Manners, MD, who did his experiments together with specialists from the Institute of Sound Therapy (England); mathematician Barbara Hero, who developed her own kind of sound therapy, which is based on the Pythagorean table of frequencies; research by neurobiologist Jevasia Schreckenberg and physicist Harvey Byrd (USA); French otolaryngologist, MD Alfred A. Tomatis; as well as by other researchers and scientists.

Using new discoveries in the field of quantum physics, molecular biology, neurophysiology and psychophysiology, we have combined sound and weak electromagnetic waves with
certain characteristics. As a result, a new method of therapy has emerged – audio information therapy, which allows restoring the immunity of a particular person by purposefully launching self-regulation processes in the body. We use sound and specially selected weak electromagnetic oscillations as carriers of healing information, which restore own electrical and electromagnetic oscillations of individual organs, organ systems and the entire human body. We use water, special carpets and devices as transmitters. Our research has confirmed that water, constituting up to 80% of our body, retains the information transmitted to it for up to 5 hours.

The positive effect of using weak electromagnetic waves with certain characteristics as an adjunctive therapy was previously proven by Raymond Rife (USA), Georges Lakhovsky (France), Reinhold Voll (Germany), Franz Morell (Germany), Helmut Schimmel (Germany), Hulda Clark (Canada ) and etc.

The correct selection of sounds, as well as weak electromagnetic waves, allows you to stabilize normal physiological fluctuations in the human body and neutralize pathological fluctuations.

Scientists are now trying to find a cure for the current virus that is spreading around the world. We believe that every human life is important. Seeing the positive impact of the audio information therapy we have developed on both sick people and those undergoing rehabilitation, we suggest people use it as an additional therapy to restore health and immunity, to improve their condition and gain confidence in the future. Remember that your confidence and optimism is a barrier to many diseases, as well as the basis for your success and well-being.

About us
We are a group of enthusiastic engineers working on green technologies, renewable resources and engineering solutions for a healthy lifestyle. In our work, we encountered various effects of vibration and decided to pay more attention to sound waves and weak electromagnetic waves with certain characteristics that have a positive effect on human. On the back of deteriorating condition of people, we will continue working to find and provide people with solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

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Help our scientists
Please help our scientists - ach dollar matters for us!

- Is there any effect from the music?
We gave this track to several persons with confirmed infection together with general assigned treatment. Those persons performed much better versus others or had significantly easier progression of the disease. By the way all of them donated afterwards.

- How much time should I listen to the music?
We recommend listening to the track five times per day, approximately each two hours. Though we had one example when a person listened 4 hours constantly on repeat with the same positive effect as others, while no negative effects were observed.

- Is donation constant?
Donation is a one-time payment, but you can choose to make a donation each month with the smallest amount of 1 US dollar - our team will greatly appreciate such choice as this will help us to make make our work with experts more stable.

- Will I receive any feedback?
We will provide updates on the use of funds as well as results of our findings on a regular basis.

- How can I provide feedback?
Your feedback will be highly appreciated as this will be the best confirmation for those who are in doubt. Please contact us at
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